All Saints Parish Church Council, Edingthorpe, UK.

All Saints Church Edingthorpe



The small quiet village of Edingthorpe is located just two miles from the Norfolk coast and close to the town of North Walsham. This rural village is great to explore on foot or by bicycle, as quiet lanes surround it.

There are no shops, or  pub but the main feature of the village is the wonderful All Saints Church, standing alone on a hill to the north side of the village and  hidden amongst trees in the beautiful north Norfolk countryside.

It has been quoted that many of these churches stand isolated from their village mainly to protect the church from the great plague "The Black Death" of the 15th century.

The church stands so serene and is fairly plain on the exterior; it has a traditional rounded tower, and tapers upward toward the belfry, which is octagonal. The bottom section possibly dates back to Saxon times, with the upper levels dating from the medieval period. It also has a thatched roof, which is of a later date; the lead is inscribed 1891, and in several places 1976.

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